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Photographs are: Pricing $CAN

Print Size 20"x30" (51cm x 76cm)
laminated, metal frame, no glass                                                                       $450
wood frame, double mat, glass (28"x38", 71cm x 96 cm)                              $700

Print Size 30"x45" (76cmx114cm)
laminated, metal frame, no glass (30"x45", 76cm x 114cm)                          $995

Matted Print in 33"x45"(76cmx115cm) frame print size 23"x35"
wood frame, double mat, glass (33"x45", 84cm x 114cm)                          $1,195

Smaller Sizes
12"x18" (30cm x 46cm) metal frame, laminated, no mat or glass                 $225
18"x24" (46cm x 61cm) wood frame, mat, glass                                             $295

other sizes available upon request

shipping and applicable taxes are extra

How to Order

Phone or email us with the photo id shown above the individual photograph, e.g., 0552.


Sculptures are made from stoneware clay, concrete and mixed media.

Pricing $CAN

Prices vary considerably for the various sculptures.

Please contact us for a quote.

Phone or email us with the name or id number shown above the individual photograph of the sculpture.

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