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agog /əˈgɒg/
  1. In a state of high anticipation or interest.
  2. Highly excited. Anxious, eager, impatient.

'The children were agog at the site of all the Christmas presents under the tree.'

niagara falls mist
Niagara Falls Mist 6049
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon 1013
Niagara Falls Mist 6496
Niagara Falls Mist 6496
Seagull 7522
Organic Ice Formations 1915Fantastic Ice Formations 1915
Polyhedron Complex #1
Polyhedron Complex #1
Untitled (cement sculpture)

Holy Spirit Wall Sculpture (clay)Holy Spirit Wall Sculpture

(relief sculpture)

Christ Conciousness Wall Hanging (clay)

Christ Conciousness

(relief sculpture)